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“Victor Blagoev is a consummate “session player’s bass player.” He’s skilled enough to excel in most styles of music, and tasteful enough to save the considerable extent of his command of the instrument for when the music demands it. Victor is a great hire for a very wide range of playing and recording situations from groove oriented stuff up to and including the very most difficult music.”

- Michael Pope, Bassist for Chick Corea, Al di Meola and David Sanborn

Victor Blagoev is an up and coming Bulgarian/American bassist born and raised in Prague, Czech Republic. He is quickly expanding his repertoire, having played with internationally renowned musicians across Europe and North America, from European jazz and pop staples to blues legends (Diunna Greenleaf). Most recently, he opened for rising country star Chris Lane. He studied at the Berklee College of Music on a coveted scholarship, having graduated with the highest honors. During his time at Berklee, Victor was in high demand as one of the leading bass players of the school and won awards from the bass department. He has since just relocated to Los Angeles, with the mission to deliver and make his way up the ranks of the music industry. He is currently working as a freelance musician, bass player and arranger in the city, quickly growing his reputation as a solid creative in the music industry.


Victor is in demand as a multi-faceted and solid bassist across numerous recordings, performances and auditions, garnering a reputation as a versatile musician. He has played and recorded in various notable venues and studios around Europe and the United States, including the legendary Power Station in New York City with the rock group Dúbh.


Victor has studied under some of the most renowned musicians in Europe, and has studied with greats such as Latin-Grammy nominated bassist Juan S. Garcia-Herreros (The Snow Owl), and renowned bassist Mike Pope. It’s hard to think of anything more fulfilling for him than serving the music and the bass, no matter what the circumstance calls for. 

In addition to working as a freelance bass player and composer, Victor pursues a number of creative and artistic endeavors, being a member of the innovative orchestral pop-rock group Daniel Monte, the Sergio de Miguel group, and working with rising-star artist Gayathri Krishnan.


"Victor is a consummate musician, collaborator and artist of the highest order. He brings positivity to every project. Victor’s fastidious attention to every details means that everything he touches is excellent. Plus, he’s a wonderful human being and a joy to be with. I always look forward to every opportunity to work together."

- Jason Camelio, Assistant VP of Berklee Global Initiatives & Musician

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